Interpreting the Emperor Tarot Card

An introduction to the meaning of the Emperor tarot card

Emperor Tarot Card The Emperor tarot card is the universal patriarch: structured, authoritative, self-disciplined, and imposing. The Emperor creates stability and order from a world that is nothing less than chaotic without his careful leadership. Attentive and enthusiastic, he rules passionately and responsibly, enforcing a state of peace and harmony which he will not hesitate to engage in war in order to preserve. Like the Empress, the Emperor has constructed a world in which safety and balance are maintained in perfect equilibrium, however, unlike the Empress, he understands that idealism can not exist without a foundation of laws and rules supporting, structuring, and uniting the entire framework together. Thus his objective is ultimately idealistic, but the means by which he achieves this utopia are realistic and logical.

The Emperor is wise in this sense, for like Julius Caesar, the founder of the ancient Roman Empire, he too can claim: "I came, I saw, I conquered." The Emperor has seen and done all, witnessing both the horror and the wonder that man is capable of, conquering chaos and instability, he remains firm in his approach to the question of how existence must be governed, understanding that peace is an empty phrase without the power to enforce it.

Protective and controlling, the Emperor can at times represent the more negative aspects that accompany power and control in the hands of one ruler, sometimes verging upon overbearing and stubborn in thought. However, unlike mortal leaders, the Emperor is not corrupted by the tastes of power and influence, and his strong presence is meant to guide and conduct the world rather than to dictate it. As father of the universe he handles his leadership modestly while acting solely for the maintenance and preservation of what is good and beautiful.

It's meaning in a Tarot Card Spread

The meaning of the Emperor tarot card is influenced by the position of the card as it is drawn from the deck, the position it occupies in the card layout, and by the cards that are positioned before and after it.

The Emperor tarot card - upright meaning:
When the Emperor card lands in the upright position it can refer to an authority type figure, possibly the Father. It may also indicate the presence of leadership abilities and positive use of power. Self discipline and structure are well balanced.

The Emperor tarot card - reversed meaning:
When the Emperor card lands in the reversed position it shows an imbalance of power. There may be too little or too much discipline and structure. There is a need to find a happy medium.

Keywords/phrases associated with the Emperor tarot card:

Upright - authority, father figure, power, order, structure, leadership, self discipline

Reversed - rigid, inflexible, controlling, ruthless, unstable, unbalanced, unorganized, lack of respect, lack of direction, weakness

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