Interpreting the Empress Tarot Card

An introduction to the meaning of the Empress tarot card

Empress Tarot Card The Empress tarot card represents many of the ancient beliefs regarding fertility, motherhood, creation, and new beginnings. The cult of Isis thrived in ancient Egypt before spreading into Greece and Rome after the conquests of Alexander the Great, incorporating a belief system into these new regions in which Isis reflected the Greek Goddess, Venus, in her role promoting fertility and love.

The Empress radiates with fertility and the need to nurture the many life forms growing amongst her. The desire to care for and provide the necessary elements for newly budding growth is instinctively present in the nature of the Empress, her motherly qualities extending beyond just child-rearing to include the birthing of opportunities and potential beginnings. Her compassion and sensitivity cradles each new creation in an embrace that is as overbearing as it is warm.

The unconditional love of a mother such as the Empress, mother to all creations, transcends the harsher aspects of nature, enveloping those in her care in a bubble of safety and protection which can at times verge upon suffocating. In the fruitful garden of the Empress, beauty, love, and growth are fixed at a constant level, allowing little deviation from the perfection she has constructed, thus posing a potential problem when she is forced to send her children out into the "real" world. Although her space is undeniably desirable, if progression and further growth is to move forward all sprouted beginnings must venture out into the world, forced vulnerable and independent, and allowed to be shaped by the hands of experience; hands which can be either cruel or kind. The Empress is then shown to symbolize the starting point to every new beginning, opportunity, and creation, but there are still numerous other stages and factors which need to be considered before a final judgement can be passed on the fate of what these possibilities may become.

It's meaning in a Tarot Card Spread

The meaning of the Empress tarot card is influenced by the position of the card as it is drawn from the deck, the position it occupies in the card layout, and by the cards that are positioned before and after it.

The Empress tarot card - upright meaning:
When the Empress card lands in the upright position it indicates a benevolent Mother figure, a nurturer of sorts. It may also point towards pregnancy or the birth of a creative project.

Domestic security is assured. All is fine on the home front.

The Empress tarot card - reversed meaning:
When the Empress card is in the upside-down/reversed position it usually refers to an overbearing female figure and/or domestic uncertainty. There may be financial difficulties or possibly a lack of family unity. This card position may also denote infertility or an unwanted pregnancy.

All is not fine on the home front.

Keywords/phrases associated with the Empress tarot card:

Upright - love, harmony, fertility, motherhood, domestic bliss, marriage, union, pleasure, growth

Reversed - unloving, unwanted, infertility, domestic problems, unfaithful, financial struggles, lack of growth, oppression

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