Your Tetraktys Spread
Your Tetraktys Spread
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The Fire Card represents your creative force, will, and ambition.

The Hermit Reversed

The reversed Hermit hears the truth but will not listen. He is immature, callow and rife with vices.



The Air Card Your current strategies and thoughts concerning your goals

King of Cups

Fairness on all levels. Generosity and morality abound. A high degree of skill is displayed in all things attempted.



The Water Card explores your emotional self.

The Star Reversed

The Reversed Star represents pessimism, doubt and obstinacy.



The Earth Card concerns how you dealing with everyday life.

King of Swords

The ability to govern and give good advice. A powerful enemy and staunch friend. Strong, authorative and able to lead.



The Creator Card explores that which drives you in new directions.

The Wheel of Fortune

This card signifies success and a change of fortune for the better. Chance is on your side.



The Sustainer Card depicts that which helping you remain balanced and healthy.


This card represents the fulfillment of justice and balance.



The Destroyer Card identifies that which must be jettisoned, so you can move forward.

The Seven of Wands

Courage will bring victory. Success seems certain



The Light Card represents the cosmic force which is guiding you towards fulfillment.

Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Stagnation mixed with a dull, timid and indolent nature.



The Dark Card represents the cosmic reaction to your being.

Ten of Wands

Strength and power may be misused. Heartache is possible. Persistence will eventually solve all problems.



The Premise represents the factors that form the the foundation for the entire spread.

Ten of Cups Reversed

Betrayal and failure. The loss of freindship and love.



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