Your Tree of Life Spread
Your Tree of Life Spread
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Your Highest Ideals

The Nine of Wands

Your struggles are at a pause. Prepare for them to renew themselves. Persistency will pay off in the end.

Your Creative Power

Six of Swords

The future looks brighter. Success will be known.

Your Wisdom

The Tower

This card represents change, conflict and possible catastrophe.

Your Virtues


This card represents the fulfillment of justice and balance.

The Force of Your being

The Seven of Wands

Courage will bring victory. Success seems certain

Your Health, Beauty and Altruism

The Star Reversed

The Reversed Star represents pessimism, doubt and obstinacy.

Your Loves, Lusts, Artistic Self and Instincts

The Sun Reversed

The outcome of future plans is nebulous. Trouble with relationships and work is very possible.

You as a Procreator, Designer and Scientist

Knight of Cups Reversed

Scrutinize all ventures and deals carefully. Lies, laziness and underhandedness are possible.

Your Imagination and Psychic Self

The Eight of Wands

Things done hastily will prove to be poorly done. Think and plan before setting crucial actions into motion.

Your Physical Self

Ace of Cups

Love, joy, and contentment productiveness and fertility can be had.

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