Interpreting the Hierophant Tarot Card

An introduction to the meaning of the Hierophant tarot card

Hierophant Tarot Card The Hierophant tarot card is the collective experience and representation of all spiritual knowledge known in existence, specifically, how this abstract wisdom can be understood, translated, and applied to the physical world in realistic terms. It is the Hierophant's role to stand as a universal example for all religious or spiritual teachings, acting as a representative and a mentor to all of humanity in its quest for metaphysical perfection of the soul and its counterparts.

Iconic, traditional, and institutional, the Hierophant is the condensed symbol of God and belief, projecting a surface level image of all moral and spiritual values present in the universe, pure and absolute in nature. As a mentor the Hierophant promotes routine and ritual, understanding that repetition and obedience are essential in the process of spiritual learning and growth. He is stable and eternal, rooted in orthodoxy and conventionality, acting as a predictable and unchanging route for channelling belief and spirituality.

Each individual's journey toward enlightenment is unique; however, the Hierophant stands watchfully and patiently, wilful to offer his hand in guiding and directing the human soul upon a safe path to his or her spiritual destination. The Hierophant does not impose his structured course upon any human being, but strongly embraces any followers who have independently sought his guidance, providing valuable advice to those willing to adhere to tradition and collegiality. In this sense the Hierophant shares a similar philosophy with many modern religions such as Christianity and Catholicism, requiring a commitment to structure and organization in order to benefit from his teachings. Although the Hierophant demands obedience in return for his spiritual direction, he offers freedom and mobility to those who have gained what they needed from his guidance, and are now equipped and confident in their ability to refine the material of their soul on their own.

It's meaning in a Tarot Card Spread

The meaning of the Hierophant tarot card is influenced by the position of the card as it is drawn from the deck, the position it occupies in the card layout, and by the cards that are positioned before and after it.

The Hierophant tarot card - upright meaning:
When the Hierophant card lands in the upright position it shows a connection to traditional institutions such as the Church, Universities, Banks or even the institution of marriage itself and all the responsibilities and commitments to the aforementioned.

Wise and considerate counsel is available.

The Hierophant tarot card - reversed meaning:
When the Hierophant card is in the upside-down/reversed position it points to nonexistent or inadequate support. This card position may also reveal a direct or indirect connection to fanatical or prejudicial beliefs.

Beware of incompetent counsel.

Keywords/phrases associated with the Hierophant tarot card:

Upright - teacher, guide, traditional values, institutional settings, conventional beliefs

Reversed - discrimination, bigotry, fear, rebellion, unconventional values, inept advice

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