How To Read Tea Leaves - The Procedure

Reading tea leaves is very similar to looking at those ink blots from a Rorschach test. Begin at the handle of the tea cup and take notes of what symbols or pictures you see.
Learn the Tea leaf symbol meanings

How to read tea leaves

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Mentally divide the interior of the cup into fourteen areas just like the image above.

Symbols within the handle area show events connected to the questioner's home and family life as well events directly affecting him or her.

The bottom/base area indicates events occurring within the present month...a few days to a few weeks.

The numbered areas refer to months. The number 1 shows events starting at the beginning of next month. Think of the rim as the start of the month and the bottom side of the cup the end of month. Work your way from the top edge down to the end of the month. Then move on to month 2 and so on until you have completed a full year reading.

Jot down where each symbol is in your notes and the section of the cup it was found.

For example: You see a flock of birds, a rocket and yatch in the middle side of the cup in section 7; this would suggest that there will be important news regarding a raise in earnings that far exceed expectations occuring in the middle of the seventh month.

Take your time when doing a reading. You can't rush divination.

Tea Leaf Reading Step-by-Step


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