Interpreting the Justice Tarot Card

An introduction to the meaning of the Justice tarot card

Justice Tarot Card Impartial and fair, balanced and equal, objective and practical, the Justice tarot card encompasses all the ideals that the Western legal system attempts to uphold and reinforce in everyday court proceedings. Like the Wheel tarot card, the Justice tarot card operates with the understanding that for every action there is a response, and the force of justice is imbedded deep within the universal cycle, repaying what is due to all recipients.

The Justice tarot card is the judge, counsel, and jury of all affairs that have happened or are in the process of happening, relating past events with those occurring in the present, uniting all of time as a collective unit, judging the parts which make up the whole of existence. Working towards the ultimate good, in perspective the Justice tarot card is emotionally detached and naturally fair in judgement, viewing both sides of the issue at hand equally and honestly.

The Justice tarot card has a well-rounded view of all things and their value, penetrating beyond the surface to expose to inner, absolute truth of all things in their purest nature. There is not a clear-cut distinction between what is moral and immoral, good and bad, expected and deserved, rather all judgements are rendered by the Justice tarot card with a sense of duty to balance out all actions, right or wrong, without discriminating or obscuring truth under passionate or biased ruling. So often the laws of man are shown to bend and break when objectivity is lost to an emotionally-charged understanding of events, justifying error or abuse in irrational terms, leading to corruption and disillusionment. The Justice tarot card maintains the ideal of justice by performing independent of exterior or internal forces, not punishing or rewarding, but simply reinforcing the universal equilibrium with sober judgement and fair reasoning.

It's meaning in a Tarot Card Spread

The meaning of the Justice tarot card is influenced by the position of the card as it is drawn from the deck, the position it occupies in the card layout, and by the cards that are positioned before and after it.

The Justice tarot card - upright meaning:
When the Justice card lands in the upright position it predicts success regarding legal matters, such as documents, contracts or court cases. Justice will be served.

The Justice tarot card - reversed meaning:
When the Justice card is in the upside-down/reversed position it suggests a miscarriage of justice. There may be serious conflicts regarding legal matters or possibly even criminal proceedings.

Keywords/phrases associated with the Justice tarot card:

Upright - unbiased decision, fair resolution, balance, equality

Reversed - imbalance, unfair outcome, biased decision, dishonesty, conflicts, inequality, illegal

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