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Precognitive dreams have been recognized since ancient times. You can read about these dreams throughout history. You may have had one a time or two, yourself. What happens in a precognitive dream is you get information about something that is yet to happen. Most people forget about it until the event happens, just as they dreamed it. It may be of a major event, or something very mundane.

After the events of September 11, 2001, many people came forward with stories of dreams they had that made them stay home from work that day, or postpone their flight. Those that listened to these insights lived to tell the tale. The same thing happened after the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Not every psychic dream deals with such major events, however.


It could be that you once dreamt of getting a phone call at work that made you very happy, and then a month or so later, you ended up getting a call that made you happy. Most of us don't even realize when this happens except for a vague sense of déjà vu.

Science has long tried to determine why we have dreams. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were mere wish fulfillment. Carl Jung, on the other hand, felt that everyone tapped into the universal consciousness when we slept. He also believed that symbols appeared in dreams that could easily be interpreted. Even Albert Einstein had a theory to prove precognition. He theorized that the past, present and future were but an illusion. The subconscious mind knows this, and can reach beyond the constructs of the conscious mind.

If you are interested in learning about your own dreams, it is easy to keep a dream journal. Record as much of your dreams as you remember when you wake. Be sure to include emotions, thoughts and anything else related to your dream. Highlight any details you think may be precognitive. Read through your dream journal periodically and see if anything has happened in real life that may have paralleled one of your dreams.

Let's say you have a precognitive dream. Is it something you can change? Some people obviously get enough information from a dream to change their plans and avoid being part of a terrible accident. Others may have had similar dreams, but for one reason or another dismissed them and traveled as planned, only to die or get injured when the accident occurred. Still others may get several dreams warning of a catastrophe, plan to go ahead anyway, and end up being delayed due to something unforeseen that saves them from being in the accident. One could say that the last group could have an unchangeable future at that point where they were needed, and if they continued their travel plans that day, they would not be where they were supposed to be later in life. It could be possible that those who did not get a warning or who did not heed the warning were destined to be a part of that accident. Those that were able to act upon their dream and change their plans were able to change their immediate future.

The more work you do trying to remember and study your dreams, the more you will understand. Your dreams could be the key to your ultimate success.

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