Having Fun with Psi Balls

What are Psi Balls?

Psi Ball

A psi ball is a ball of psychic energy that a person can generate between their hands. This takes some practice to master completely, but it isn't too difficult to begin. The more experience you have working with energy, the bigger psi ball you'll be able to create.

Detecting Energy

If you are new to energy work, you can begin by trying to detect the energy field of plants. Set a plant beneath a bright light. Put a dark background behind it. As you look at the plant, you may eventually see lines of bluish-green flashing up the plant and along the leaves in the direction they grow. As you get better at it, see if you can get these flashes to react to a crystal or to your hands.

How to make Psi Balls

Once you are familiar with seeing this kind of energy, find a quiet place where you can relax and concentrate. Make yourself comfortable and take some slow, deep breaths to relax. This is where visualization can be very useful. Cup your hands loosely so there is a lot of space between them. Raise your hands until they are close to your mouth. Breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth, visualizing your energy or chi as a white vapor.

energy ball

Continue to exhale and visualize your chi a few more times; now visualize your chi forming a ball. Keep working at this exercise until you feel that your hands have a magnetic attraction to each other. Explore this feeling a bit by gently moving your hands closer and farther away from each other. Do you feel the energy between them wanting to pull them together? Compress the psi ball as more energy joins the mass between your hands.

Energy can be pulled from the Earth to form a psi ball. Don't use your own energy. Pull the energy up from the Earth through your feet, up your body and down through your arms until it fills the space between your hands. You can visualize a color if you wish. This is particularly helpful if your psi ball is to be used for a specific purpose, such as healing. Green is a good color for harmony. Yellow relates to wisdom and mental exercises. Blue is for healing and relaxation. Red is for energizing. Violet is for healing of the body.

Psi Balls and Healing

healing ball

Once you have mastered forming this ball of energy, you can use your ball for all sorts of things. Healing is a common way to use a psi ball. You can direct your healing intent at yourself or at anyone else who needs it. You can send it to the Earth or to a situation that needs help. Psi balls can be stored in a safe, undisturbed place and added to. Do not surround yourself with too many at one time... it can lead to stress and disrupted emotional states. When you are finished with your psi ball, release the energy back to the Earth by imagining it dissolving into the ground.

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