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Everyone has latent psychic abilities… we've just been taught to dismiss them. In today's brave new world there is little room for anything that can't be proven. This makes it difficult to open ourselves up again to our natural intuition. While it may be challenging to bring out your abilities, it is possible with practice.

Types of Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities may manifest themselves as seeing auras, lights or colors around people or things, hearing sounds or humming, hearing voices, smelling something that is not present, seeing loved ones who have passed on or feeling their presence, feeling a strong aversion to something or feeling afraid to continue with plans, suddenly knowing where something lost will be found, or already "knowing" who the person will be before you answer the phone. Some people may also experience other manifestations.

The following is a list of the most common psychic abilities

  • Clairvoyance - "clear seeing" literally means the power to see what is hidden from ordinary physical sight

    • Precognition - "future knowing"
    • Retrocognition - "past knowing"

  • Clairaudience - "clear hearing" is the power to hear what would be inaudible to the ordinary physical ear

  • Clairsentience - "clear feeling" is the ability to make (without prior knowledge) pertinent associations from an item by simply holding or touching that item. This ability is also known as psychometry.

  • Telepathy - "thought-transference" is the ability to transfer information from person to person without the use of the five senses. This ability is also known as mind reading.

Tapping into the Universal Consciousness

There are many who believe that those who have achieved spiritual growth or who have psychic gifts are able to tap into the universal consciousness. Read more...

Meditation for Developing Psychic Abilities

To develop your psychic abilities, you need to learn to meditate. This will put your mind in touch with your subconscious, where your intuition lies. There are many techniques that may be used for meditation… try a few and see what works best for you. The whole point is to be able to quiet your mind and focus. Some people find they are more successful at meditation while listening to calm, soothing music. Others prefer the sounds of nature or silence. Along with meditation comes the skill of relaxation. If you are tense, you cannot meditate or reach your intuition.

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Practical Psychic Excercises

Become aware of your surroundings. Listen to the sounds, feel the textures and the temperatures around you. This increases your level of awareness and helps you get in touch with your intuition. Listen. This means listen to those around you, and listen when no one is around you. Part of understanding and getting in touch with your intuition is learning to listen to it when it tells you something.

Write down any random thoughts that cross your mind. A journal works well for this. After awhile, go back and see if you can find any patterns. What may have appeared random at the time often may come together to show meaning.

Psychic dreams

Keep a dream journal. Many people get a lot of psychic insight from dreams. The more you write down your dreams, the better you'll remember them. Give yourself extra time in the morning to jot down notes about any dreams you may remember. Read more about Precognitive Dreams

Working with psi balls is another great practical excercise for beginners. Read more on psi balls and how to make them.

Practice these exercises regularly to see improvement. As you gain clarity, you may add more exercises to help develop your growing psychic abilities. Some people find that self-hypnosis can help them find the connections they are seeking. Try this visualization-self hypnosis exersise for developing your psychic abilities.

Don't be disappointed if you don't see results right away. Developing psychic abilities takes a lot of practice and dedication. You had many years of learning not to listen to your inner voice. It may very well take awhile to encourage it to speak up again.

Psychic Vampires and Protection

Have you ever spent time with someone that left you drained of energy? Chances are, you were with a psychic vampire. Read more about Psychic Vampires and how to protect yourself from an attack.

Affirming Your Psychic abilities

Affirming that your abilities exist and that you will be able to connect with them is helpful. Positive affirmations done regularly can help open up your mind to accept the reality of these abilities. As your mind becomes more accepting, you will have more confidence in your developing abilities.

Psychic Ability Tests

Practice makes perfect and these three psychic esp tests will help you on your journey to become psychic.

Test your psychic abilities

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