Psychic Vampires
Protect yourself from an attack

Psychic-Energy Vampire

Psychic vampires exist. Have you ever spent time with someone that left you drained of energy? Chances are, you were with a psychic vampire. They may not even know that they tap into other people's energy. Anyone can be a psychic vampire... it doesn't matter if they are young or old, male or female, professionals or blue collar workers.

Some think that the blood sucking vampires of folklore may have had their start in psychic vampirism. Energy could easily have been adapted as blood when told in tales. The blood is the life, as one tale goes. The fact is that people from ancient times to modern day have used various methods of energizing themselves at the expense of others.

Psychic vampirism has been tested in the laboratory. It is possible to see energy being depleted by using photos that show the aura, or energy field that surrounds the body. Since many psychic vampires don't even realize they are using the energy of others, it is possible to help them learn not to do so with therapy.

The psychic vampires who know what they are doing will often be manipulative and devious. They will ingratiate themselves into a group, and then find a way to become close to the leader. They will find ways to become an important part of that person's life by appearing to support and help them. Once this person has become dependent on them, they will exercise their own influence, becoming an authority.

The best way to protect yourself from a psychic vampire is to refuse to accept that they can harm you. You need to truly believe this. The efforts put forth by the psychic vampire will either evaporate or return to them. This rebounding can be very effective at ridding you of psychic attack. You must be strong, however, for this to work.

Another effective way to protect yourself that worked in lab tests is to create a circle using your thumb and middle finger. Do this with both hands, interlocking the two circles. Affirm to yourself, "I am now energized and fully protected." This simple affirmation helps you consciously protect yourself.

Keeping a quartz crystal with you is another way that is very effective. Select a crystal that resonates with you. State that you want protection from psychic vampirism and pass your hand slowly, palm facing down, across the crystal. Program the crystal by inviting it to be your partner in protecting you from these attacks. Finalize the programming with the statement, "Please stay." Keep the crystal on your person whenever you think you may be prone to psychic attack.

Yet another way to protect yourself is to state out loud, "No one may have my energy. I give freely through healthy channels." Meditate and visualize yourself giving to others in different ways. If you see cords in your meditation connecting you to someone that leaves you without energy, visualize cutting those cords in whatever way works for you.

Learning to protect yourself from psychic vampires will leave you happier, full of energy and ready to take better charge of your life. Recognize when this happens so you can remove those ties before you become ill and drained.

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