Visualization - Self Hypnosis Exercise
For Developing Psychic Abilities

This exercise combines both creative visualization with self hypnosis and should be used when wanting to arrive at your psychic base level also known as the alpha level or alpha state. It's at this state that your psychic abilities work best.

Part One - Visualization

Create an imaginary psychic place in your mind
This psychic place can be anywhere as long as you feel safe and secure.

Create an imaginary staircase
Next you need to create imaginary stairs leading down to your psychic safe place.

For example: the image below shows two imaginary psychic places I have created.

Imaginary Beach and Meadow Psychic Place

First you should practice seeing your imaginary place with your eyes closed. See the colors, feel the earth and smell the air. Do not watch yourself from afar but rather see and experience everthing as if you are actually there.

Now open your eyes and go down to your psychic safe place. Repeat the procedure you followed with your eyes closed only now you must keep your eyes wide open. Keep practicing this until it feels second nature.

Next - The Time Line

Now that you have a psychic safe place you need to create an imaginary time line. Once you reach the bottom step your time line begins. For example: the bottom of the stairs would represent now in time, and the direction left the future and direction right the past. See images below.

The Beach Time Line

The Meadow Time Line

Part Two - Self Hypnosis

Now that you have mastered the visualization part of this exercise we'll move on to the self hypnosis technique itself. First read through each step carefully and put it to memory. When ready to actually begin this exercise press the meditation music button below and complete the process for real.


Step 1
Close your eyes and stand at the top of your imaginary stairs. Take a few slow deep breaths in and out. Take your first step down toward your safe place while saying the phrase "I am going down to my psychic safe place" quietly in your mind.

Step 2
Now take a few more steps down and pause. Say the words..."I am going deeper...much deeper...down toward my psychic safe place". Now continuously repeat this phrase as you slowly make your way down the stairs.

Step 3
As soon as you reach the bottom stair immediately kneel down and feel the earth. If the beach is you safe your hands through the sand. Feel the sun on your face. Now look around and find your time line. It should be directly in front of you.

Step 4
Slowly begin to float up above the time line. See the vast continium of time below you and start to float toward the future. Choose a time in the future that you wish to explore. Once you reach that point simply lower yourself down into the time line.

Step 5
Explore that place in time. What do you see? What do you hear? Remember that you are completely safe. You are simply there to observe. When you are ready simply float back up above the time line.

Step 6
Float back to the present time (that point situated at the base of the stairs) and slowly float down into NOW.

Step 7
Take one last look around you and say the words..."I am now leaving my psychic safe place and shall remember everything from my experience."

Step 8
Slowly begin to climb the stairs and as you do so repeat this phrase over and over..."I feel completely refreshed and full of energy."

In conclusion...

If you practice this exercise often your psychic abilities will get stronger and stronger. Ideally you should eventually be able to go down to your psychic place with your eyes wide open in a matter of seconds. But don't rush the learning process! All will come in good time.

I wish you the best of luck on your psychic travels.

"By working in the Unseen by means of meditation, affirmation, visualizing and by holding in our mind the highest ideals we arouse the Power that lies hidden within us."
Dynamic Thought, by Henry Thomas Hamblin [1921]

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