Simple Remote Viweing Technique

Before starting this simplified remote viewing technique make sure you have at least forty-five minutes to one hour of free undisturbed time alone.

Remote Viewing Technique - Step One

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Have a quiet, non distracting work area with a clear table or desk
  • Two sharpened pencils
  • Blank (8.5 X 11) sheets of white paper
  • Target coordinates

Sit down at your table/desk and begin step two.

Remote Viewing Technique - Step Two

Mind Settling Procedure:
  • Clear your mind of all thoughts
  • Focus only on your breathing
  • Take slow deep breathes in - hold - and then slowly exhale - repeat
  • If you find your mind starts wandering immediately refocus on your breathing

After a few minutes you should start to feel very calm and relaxed. Now move on to step three.

Remote Viewing Technique - Step Three

Remote View the Target:
  • Write target coordinates at the top of a blank sheet of paper
  • Quietly say the coordinates aloud.
  • Close your eyes
  • Note any impressions you may have....such as feelings, smells, textures, colors ect.
  • Imediately write these impressions down on the paper in front of you
Once you have all your impressions written down it's time to sketch...
  • Put pencil to paper and begin drawing.
  • Once drawing is complete write down any further impressions you may have
Now it's time to move on to step four.

Remote Viewing Technique - Step Four

Winding down:
  • Follow the Mind Settling Procedure above for one minute
  • Do something physical for five to 10 minutes...such as a quick walk, vacume, ect.
  • Now you're ready to check your on the target button with your coordinates to view the actual target
  • Remote Viewing Targets

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