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What is Remote Viewing?

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Remote viewing is an learned skill that almost anyone can develop. As the viewer, you can "see" details of a person or place that would otherwise be inaccessible because you are separated by time, distance or shielding. An example might be that you wish to view a location that you have never been to that is all the way across the country.

Remote viewing is related to ESP and psychic phenomena. The main difference between remote viewing and a psychic who receives impressions is that remote viewing is a skill that can be taught. It is a combination of mental impressions, sensory impressions and sometimes a little intuition or telepathy. The person doing the viewing tells of his impressions while the session is going on, as well as making sketches and writing notes. Some viewers even make a three dimensional model of what they are seeing.

Unlike most other psychic disciplines, remote viewing is very structured. Sessions may follow scripted formats to increase the performance of the viewer. Using these protocols helps to silence the stray mental distractions that can interfere with the viewing. An experienced viewer may create their own scripts or approach to their sessions over time.

Remote Viewing - Protocol/Procedure

Remote viewing uses a very strict protocol based in science. The viewer must be shielded from any knowledge of the target of their session until after it has been completed. The monitor, who acts as a facilitator of the session, is also kept in the dark of the target with the exception of during training sessions. During training, the viewer is taught to harness their own inner abilities to achieve results. The training helps them to focus and maintain access to the subconscious.

Read an overview of the Remote Viewing Protocols.

Remote Viewing - Technique and Targets

Remote viewing can be used to target any person, place or event in any time period, including the future.

The United States government once funded a project exploring remote viewing as a way to find out information about rival countries.

During these hour long sessions, the viewer is wide awake and alert. They do not go into a trance or meditative state of any kind. The viewer must train diligently to acquire the discipline needed to remote view successfully. While it is true that theoretically anyone can learn to do remote viewing, unless you take it seriously and practice the techniques until they are mastered, you will not be successful. You must be motivated, dedicated and put in the time to truly learn the skills required.

Here is a simplified remote viewing technique and targets that you can use to build some skills.

Simple Remote Viewing Technique
Remote Viewing Targets

Remote Viewing - Useful Applications

Remote viewing has been used to find missing persons, to solve crimes, to explore unknown regions and to play the stock market. There are many practical applications for remote viewing, yet most people who choose to learn it do so because of the challenge. Remote viewing allows you to transcend distance, space and time to learn of things that you have no direct access to.

Remote Viewing - Manuals

To download these free manuals just right click and save. - Scientific Remote viewing Manual pdf - Controlled Remote Viewing manual pdf

Remote Viewing - the Aurora Group's Nina Reiser - missing persons project - pdf report

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