Universal Consciousness

Universal consciousness has been a concept accepted around the world for thousands of years by many cultures. The ancients believed that the universal consciousness was able to hold the past, present and furure of the universe. They also believed that it was a vast library of knowledge that was just waiting to be used for the betterment of the world.

This concept of interconnectedness with all living things has been dismissed by science, despite anecdotal evidence to the contrary. There are some scientists who are studying this concept however. Their work with psychical research and with the Global Consciousness Project is just starting to make an impact on their view of the world.

The Global Consciousness Project is a network of random number generators that seem to spike in anticipation of and during significant events around the world, such as September 11, 2001. The generators showed an amazing spike a few hours before the event, as if the global consciousness knew something was going to happen.

The Galaxy

There are many who believe that those who have achieved spiritual growth or who have psychic gifts are able to tap into this universal consciousness. Those of us who are not so enlightened or gifted may also tap into it occasionally. How else do you explain situations where one gets a sense of impending disaster and decides to cancel a trip? This occurred to many passengers about to embark on the legendary Titanic, including J. P. Morgan, the American financier. It happened to many travelers who were set to fly on the morning of September 11 in 2001. What about pets that accidentally get left behind during a vacation and manage to find their family after traveling thousands of miles on their own? Still others experience a moment of connection with another when they "know" that a loved one has been in an accident or that they need to rush to their side for some reason.

Universal consciousness is accessible to everyone. This is a place where we can find answers to the problems we face. This is a place where we can find peace and calm in today's hectic world. Accepting this connection exists is the first step to gaining access to it. Some people work on meditation or on developing ESP (extrasensory perception) to help them connect to it. Others practice mental exercises to help them develop the skills to easily move from one mental state to another.

The unlimited potential available from tapping into the universal consciousness could very well help us as we go into the future. We could use its information to help us end world hunger or bring peace. We could find out how to serve our planet rather than destroy it. The universal consciousness is a way for us to connect and be a part of the earth mentally as well as physically.

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