Interpreting the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

An introduction to the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card The Wheel of Fortune tarot card demonstrates the cyclical nature of life and existence, symbolizing fate, fortune, surprise, and the coincidences which alter our current circumstances at random. All events in the universe are built upon fluctuations, rise and falls, a constant shuffling of energy which is balanced by the equal occurrence of positive and negative happenings. There is no human life kept untouched from the crueller hands of fate, simply speaking, we all encounter misfortune and come up short every so often no matter how pure or well-intended we may have been.

Fate intervenes and reveals itself at random, and the Wheel embodies this essence of luck and fortune as a force capable of temporarily enriching or degrading our quality of life. However, the Wheel most often represents the more positive changes which take us by surprise when we least expect it. When drawn, it could suggest that the timing is right to take on a new opportunity, or that fate is in our favor, and we should take advantage of good luck and recognize the value and the outcome of coincidences. The Wheel of Fortune can also suggest that certain decisions or plans should be re-considered, for the Wheel represents the cycle of life, and it may be necessary to acknowledge and understand what some of the possible repercussions of our actions could be.

Existence is governed by the cause and effect principle, what appears random or accidental carries an unpronounced purpose, influencing other variables, past, present, and future, connecting all life in an intricate universal pattern in which we are continually influencing and affecting one another. The Wheel of Fortune signifies this heightened awareness of human action, the understanding that although fate is not always obvious or clearly present in our lives, it does exist, and it is up to each individual to embrace luck and fortune when the universal cycle brings it back around for the taking.

It's meaning in a Tarot Card Spread

The meaning of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card is influenced by the position of the card as it is drawn from the deck, the position it occupies in the card layout, and by the cards that are positioned before and after it.

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card - upright meaning:
When the Wheel of Fortune card lands in the upright position it predicts good fortune resulting from circumstances outside one's control, such as being in the right place at the right time or receiving an unexpected windfall, etcetera.

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card - reversed meaning:
When the Wheel of Fortune card is in the upside-down/reversed position it predicts an unfortunate period of time resulting from circumstances outside of one's control, such as being in the wrong place at the wrong time or unemployment due to an economic slowdown - recession, etcetera.

Keywords/phrases associated with the Wheel of Fortune tarot card:

Upright - lucky, fortunate, cycles, good timing, positive change

Reversed - unlucky, unfortunate, gambling, unsuccessful, bad timing

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